MEMBERS® Horizon Annuity

Issued by MEMBERS Life Insurance Company

With MEMBERS® Horizon from MEMBERS Life Insurance Company, you choose from a wide range of investment options aligned with your risk tolerance and financial goals. Then you decide how much of your money to protect from market risk and the exact level of that protection. The result? A highly personalized investment strategy built to help you stay in the market, ride out volatility and expand your horizon.

The building blocks of a Horizon portfolio.
  • Variable. You decide what percentage of your money is fully exposed to the market and how it’s invested. You and your advisor can work together to choose the mix of equity, fixed income and specialty subaccounts that fits your risk tolerance and investment style.
  • Risk control. The remaining percentage is invested in accounts linked to a market index—S&P 500, MSCI EAFE or both—where you control market risk. With this portion, you set your own “performance zone” of risk and reward on the dollars linked to each index. A more aggressive investor? Widen your zone. Want to play it safe? Narrow it. The decision is yours.

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Horizon Annuities.

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