MEMBERS Zone Annuity

MEMBERS® Zone Annuities have been issued by MEMBERS Life Insurance Company since 2013. Click below to view the current prospectus and reports for a contract you are evaluating or already own. The prospectus contains complete information on product charges, investment options, fees and other expenses. You should read it carefully before purchase.


MEMBERS Zone Prospectus 0518


Our interactive data filings are filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission in XBRL format, and are available here for a database upload. 

XBRL Taxonomy File 1 — April 20, 2018
XBRL Taxonomy File 2 — April 20, 2018   
XBRL Taxonomy File 3 — April 20, 2018   
XBRL Taxonomy File 4 — April 20, 2018   
XBRL Taxonomy File 5 — April 20, 2018   
XBRL Form S-1 — April 20, 2018