MEMBERS® Zone Annuity

The MEMBERS Zone Annuity is an insurance contract from MEMBERS Life Insurance Company that offers both index-linked returns and limits against market losses. Your purchase payment is allocated between two accounts, each linked to a market index but each with its own range of possible investment performance. By blending your allocation to the two accounts, you help control your potential market risks and returns.

Personalized market participation.
You are able to create an annuity with a goal of being best suited for your lifestyle and market outlook. 

Defer taxes for the future.
With the MEMBERS Zone Annuity you pay no taxes on your potential earnings as they accumulate, so your money may grow faster until it’s time to start income. If you've already taken maximum advantage of other tax-favored investments, like an employer 401(k) plan, you may want to consider this option. Because they are tax-favored, though, annuities are subject to a 10% penalty for withdrawals before age 59½, and income taxes are due on your gains at the time you take out money.(1)

Guarantee your retirement income.
At retirement, you decide how and when to receive income. You can choose guaranteed lifetime income, income for just a specified period, or a lump sum.

MEMBERS Zone Annuity

Zone Annuities.
Learn more about the features and benefits of MEMBERS Zone Annuity. 

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(1) This is a brief description of an annuity contract and is not intended to provide tax advice. Surrender charges may apply for withdrawals made during the annuity’s surrender charge period. 

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