MEMBERS® Fixed Annuities

A MEMBERS Fixed Annuity through CMFG Life Insurance Company can serve as a safe, stable investment at the core of your retirement plan. Fixed deferred annuities offer you the advantages of guaranteed interest rates, tax-deferred growth, and a wide range of guaranteed income options.(1)

Lock in a guaranteed rate.
A fixed annuity is a contract with an insurance company that allows you to accumulate assets for the future. You agree to pay a single premium or series of payments, and the insurance company pays you interest on your money. You receive a guaranteed rate of return, regardless of economic volatility and market conditions.

Defer taxes for the future.
With a fixed annuity you pay no taxes on your earnings while they accumulate, so your money may grow faster until it’s time to start income. If you've already taken maximum advantage of other tax-favored investments, like an employer 401(k) plan, you may want to consider a MEMBERS Fixed Annuity. Because they are tax-favored, though, annuities are subject to a 10% tax penalty for withdrawals before age 59½, and income taxes are due on your gains at the time you take out money.(2) Keep in mind that fixed annuities can also be purchased to fund a tax-qualified plan like an IRA.(3)

Guarantee your retirement income.
At retirement, you can receive a guaranteed income for life, income for a set period of time, or a lump sum. It's your choice.

MEMBERS Fixed Annuity

Available fixed annuities. Retirement income options.
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When the time is right, you can choose how to take income from your fixed annuity.

(1) All guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the insurance company.
(2) This is a brief description of an annuity contract and is not intended to provide tax advice. Surrender charges may apply for withdrawals made during the annuity’s surrender charge period.
(3) If you are considering purchasing an annuity as an IRA or tax-qualified plan, you should consider benefits other than tax deferral since those plans already provide tax-deferred status.