MEMBERS® Investments

Move confidently into the future™
Investing today requires many decisions. Your choices have dramatically expanded in number, variety and complexity. And volatile markets can make these decisions even tougher.

We understand these challenges, and offer products specifically designed to help you meet your financial goals. From growing and accumulating your savings to securing your retirement, MEMBERS Insurance & Investments can help. Investment products include AnnuitiesManaged Accounts and Mutual Funds.


  • Investment expertise. Access to the depth of resources of Madison Asset Management, with more than $15 billion in assets under management — assuring you of our dedication to your investment success.
  • Security from a trusted financial partner. Last year, CUNA Mutual Group with its 4,000 employees worldwide provided more than $1.41 billion in benefits paid to credit unions, members and policyholders.
  • TraditionCUNA Mutual Group's collaborative partnership with credit unions dates back to 1935, when the vision of credit union pioneers to provide insurance for members led to our creation. Today, CUNA Mutual Group is a Fortune 1000 company, with assets of more than $15 billion.
MEMBERS Investments

Annuities Managed Accounts Mutual Funds

Annuities allow tax-deferred growth, and can help provide guaranteed retirement income for life.

Professionally managed customized portfolios designed to match your specific needs.

Mutual funds are pools of money from investors that are professionally managed and publicly traded.